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UK Water Projects Virtual Edition

The UK Water Projects Virtual Edition allows more projects to be featured than is possible in the printed edition alone.

Additionally, the Virtual Edition makes it possible for individual projects to be featured at different stages of their development, giving a more comprehensive description of the overall project or programme.

You now have the option to submit different case studies over the duration of the scheme covering (for example):

►    The studies, modelling and initial design stages.

►    Construction: Different phases/aspects can be featured in different case studies in more detail. For example, for a major wastewater treatment scheme, the treatment works can be featured in one case study, the pumping stations in another, sewers and outfalls in a third etc.

►    Commissioning & performance.

The Virtual Edition case studies are typeset in the same style and format as those appearing in the UK Water Projects print edition. The html versions and high resolution PDFs will be accessible on this website from a number of pages including the Water Company's page, applicable consultant, contractor, manufacturer/supplier pages, publication date pages,  etc

To nominate a case study, please complete the UK Water Projects Project Nomination Form and send it to

► Nominate a project for UK Water Projects 2019 and/or the Virtual Edition by completing THIS SHORT FORM

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