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Editorial Guidelines

Length: Typically 1500-2000 words.

Style & Content: The case study should be a technical article designed to be read by engineers in the water industry. The article should start with the location of the project, the population and population equivalent served, a description of the current facility and the reason for the current work (eg: upgrade, extension, meeting directives etc). This should be followed with a technical description of what work is being undertaken and which companies are involved with the project (designers, contractors and suppliers of the principal process plant and/or construction materials). The conclusion should state the progress to date, anticipated completion etc.

Photographs: We require large, high resolution JPGs - 300 dpi or higher when sized at (approx) 8" wide by 6" high (or larger). Please Note: If including photographs in a Word document, they MUST also be provided in their original JPG format.

Front cover photograph consideration: To be considered for the front cover, photographs need to be portrait in orientation, and have a resolution of at approximately 3500 pixels high by 2500 pixels wide (303mm high by 216 mm wide at 300 dpi).

Article sub-title: Please provide a short (approx 20 words) sub-title for the case study.

Photograph captions and credits: Please provide a short caption for each photograph submitted as well as an appropriate "Courtesy of of Water Company or Contractor...".

Article Acknowledgements:  Our preference is to include the writer's name and academic and professional qualifications as well as their job title and the full name of the company they represent.

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